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Ultra Conference - Per Minute and Flat Rate Conference Calling Services

Ultra Conference allows you to choose between Toll-Free Phone Conferencing and Flat-Rate Phone Conferencing Service and uses standard telephone/web-browser commands that give moderators complete control over each aspect of the conference. You can set up permanent codes or you can use onetime codes for your conferences.



We are commited to providing top quality service with very competitive rates and with no monthly fees and no long term contracts! Pay only for what you use. Cancel at anytime - with no penalty whatsoever!


There are two UltraConference plans available:

 (1) The "per minute" plan where you pay 7.9¢ per minute per participant.
 (2) The "flat rate" plan where you pay a flat monthly fee.

Below is comparison of our Conference Calling Plans so that you can choose the best plan for you.

7.9¢ Per Minute Pay as You Go Toll Free Conference Calling Plan (Includes web conferencing at no extra charge!)

Start a conference call instantly without reservation*. Have your clients or employees call directly into the conference room and wait on hold until you arrive. The process is easy and the calls are toll-free.

Whats included? Everything! And there are no set up fees, no monthly requirements or contracts. Pay only for what you use and nothing more! Check out the features that are included with every account.

MyMeetingCentral is included with this plan at no extra charge. MyMeetingCentral is our most robust web conferencing client. With MyMeetingCentral you can share anything on your computer screen. Everyone can see and hear the exact same thing as you. Whether its PowerPoint, document sharing, internet browsing or text-messaging - the sky's the limit!

Sign up online today to begin conferencing immediately the process takes about 5 minutes. (It may take up to one business day to setup International Outdial capability.) We send out confirmation via email with instructions as soon as the account is active.

Flat Rate Conference Calling Plans

Flat Rate Conference Calls from AccuConference provides you with a low-cost solution for a high volume of conferences. Perfect for daily or weekly meetings, and you have no worry of per minute conference costs. Know your monthly budget each and every month!

Insight web conferencing service is included with this plan at no extra charge. Insight web conferencing allows you to make PowerPoint presentations as well as the ability to chat and and take polls.

Flat-Rate Conference Calls utilize two PIN codes: Leader Code and Participant Code. For account security, the Participant will be on hold until the Moderator has dialed in with the Leader Code to enter the conference. With Flat Rate Conference Service, there are no time limits.**

Flat-Rate Conference includes the following features:

  • 404 Atlanta Dial-In Number
  • Available 24/7 without a reservation
  • OnLine Billing
  • View calls in Real-Time
  • State of the art digital technology
  • 100% Fiber Optic Lines
  • DTMF clamping

Flat Rate Conference Call Pricing

  $14.95/month   Up to 5 lines unlimited*
  $29.00/month   Up to 10 lines unlimited*
  $139.00/month   Up to 25 lines unlimited*
  $199.00/month   Up to 50 lines unlimited*

*Participants / Moderators pay for their own long distance costs.
**Conference call durations are limited to 10 hours and is subject to service interruptions.




Provide a live operator access number for all conference attendees or, if you prefer, have us call your participants! Our Executive Audio Services provide you with a higher level of service.


Hosting a large call (i.e. investor relations meeting, corporate meeting, etc.) with a Question & Answer session? Allow one of our Executive Audio Service Staff to moderate your call for you!

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